Newton's Theory: The Musings of a Brilliant Golden Retriever Puppy

Peace and Harmony

We think we may have finally restored some peace and harmony at Casa Newton. Even though my outsides are getting big, I'm still an 8-month-old baby on the inside. I have boundless energy and the humans have been really struggling to find a way to help me use it in a positive way. 

I must admit, I fight them every step of the way. I can't help myself - it's so fun to see them in bonkers mode! I don't like getting out of the car so it's hard to go any place. (The ramp is great when practicing outside, but not so much when attached to a vehicle). I don't like the leash and tend to walk like a gentleman for a few minutes -- then leap and attack my Mom like a stark raving lunatic. 


We THINK we finally found a solution. Mom has been walking me off leash on the paths and vacant areas near us. She's been using "the clicker" to reward me when I respond properly and I've been staying close by -- or sometimes I sit and chew sticks while she does her laps, then I run fast to catch up. We do it at the crack of dawn, again before work and in the evening after dinner. Dad comes on our night time sessions so the boogie man won't get us. We're using a pedometer and try to hit 10,000 steps a day (about 5 miles).

Now when we are indoors, about 85% of the time I am a gentleman. This translates into not trying to remove the humans limbs, eat every toy that hasn't already been de-stuffed, etc.  I even lay on the couch and chew on my deer antler while Mom looks at catalogs or reads dog training books! The humans state they are "cautiously optimistic" that we can have peace and happiness on a more consistent basis!